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Why educational disagreements in UHNW families are more common than you think – Alison Hayes talks to


LMP partner Alison Hayes has contributed to a recent article written by Annabelle Spranklen

The article explores why when it comes to education, there can be a number of areas of conflict between families and for separated parents this can sometimes lead to disagreements when what is best in one’s parent’s eyes does not align with the other parent’s view.

Alison wholeheartedly agrees commenting that in separated families, the disagreements are obviously more polarised:
“People become fixated upon reputations of schools and what this will add to their child. Parents sometimes fail to prioritise the holistic approach. Schooling is something which needs to suit a child as opposed to suiting the parents. Whilst these may seem to be juxtapositions suiting the child is of course the most important thing.”

Alison, is featured in Tatler Advisory for Family Law, which is described as the “gold-standard guidance” for “everything you need to settle relationship issues”. She was approached for her contribution along with other leading family lawyers with significant experience in advising UHNW families and who feature in this bespoke hub of private client advisers.

You can read the full article here.


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