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“…one of the biggest names in the industry with decades of experience. He has a knack for predicting outcomes and has the strategic prowess of a chess grandmaster” Legal 500 2023

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Jeremy Levison is a founding partner of the firm and has over 45 years’ experience in dealing with high-net-worth complex financial settlements.

A founder of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, Jeremy’s contacts with family lawyers worldwide assist in the successful resolution of a significant proportion of his cases that have an international dimension.

As well as being a lawyer, Jeremy is a passionate art collector and a supporter of artists unknown, emerging and emerged. Jeremy highlights some of his works which form part of his collection on this website under the section Art@LMP. He also has a love for, and a collection of, classic cars.

Jeremy frequently appears on television and radio discussing divorce issues. He was also the inspiration for Clive’s divorce lawyer in the irreverent “Alex” daily cartoon strip in The Telegraph. Jeremy is consistently ranked as a “Leading individual” by both the annual legal research directories, Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners as well as the Spears 500. He has been the recipient of many accolades including most recently receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2022.


“ Jeremy Levison is a legend in the industry and remains one of the best, toughest, and most experienced solicitors in the country.” Legal 500 2024

“Jeremy is an excellent and very experienced family lawyer.” Chambers HNW 2023 and Chambers UK 2024

He’s extremely experienced, clients adore him. Levison also has very good judgement and a real eye for detail.” Chambers HNW 2023 and Chambers UK 2024

“Jeremy is very charismatic.” Chambers UK 2023 and Chambers UK 2024

“He is an incredible lawyer.” Chambers UK 2023 and Chambers UK 2024

“He is a very experienced operator.” Chambers UK 2023 and Chambers UK 2024

 “A small but perfectly formed niche boutique team specialising in family law. In Simon Pigott and Jeremy Levison the firm has 2 of the most experienced, respected and well liked family solicitors in London. They provide the firm with leadership and example and still attract a range of very high profile and interesting cases”. Legal 500 2023

“Excellent specialist family law firm. Jeremy Levison remains one of the biggest names in the industry with decades of experience. He has a knack for predicting outcomes and has the strategic prowess of a chess grandmaster” Legal 500 2023


“He is as very experienced operator.” Chambers HNW 2022

“An incredible lawyer.” “Very charismatic.” Chambers HNW 2022

Ranked Lawyer – Jeremy Levison enjoys an impressive reputation for his vast experience in handling divorce proceedings. His caseload includes multi-jurisdictional matters involving significant trust and tax structures. He also demonstrates prowess in financial remedy disputes that require property valuations. Chambers UK 2022   

“Jeremy Levison remains one of the best and most experienced lawyers in the family law world. He is a world-class strategist and has a real knack for predicting outcomes.” Legal 500 2022

“Jeremy Levison and Simon Pigott are both extremely experienced leaders in the field. They have seen it all and so have all the answers.” Legal 500 2022

“Jeremy Levison is an exceptional lawyer and the team supporting him provides a high quality service. He has the experience to assess the likely result and avoid unnecessary waste action
.” Legal 500 2022

Jeremy Levison has extensive experience advising on high-value family matters. He has considerable expertise representing clients in complex financial and international matters. Chambers HNW Guide 2021

“Jeremy is a formidable opponent who never shrinks from fighting his client’s corner.” Chambers UK 2021

‘Jeremy Levison puts clients at ease, and has immense knowledge and experience.’ Legal 500 2021

Senior statesman Jeremy Levison remains active on high-value, complex financial proceedings. One family barrister describes Levison as “a formidable opponent who never shrinks from fighting his client’s corner,”and another says he is a “good, cunning lawyer and quite prepared to deal with difficult cases – it’s good acting for him.” Chambers HNW Guide 2020

‘Utterly brilliant’ and ‘one of the best family lawyers in the industry’. – Top Recommended Family Lawyer, 2020 Spear’s Family Law Index

“Mr Levison was utterly brilliant in the way that he handled my needs and aspirations.” Chambers UK Guide 2020

“He’s tough, strategic and knows when to fight and when to find another avenue that’s perhaps less confrontational.” Chambers UK Guide 2020

‘His strategic insight and long experience of family law makes him one of the best lawyers in the industry’. LEGAL 500 2020

“One of the stars in the family law world,” Jeremy Levison is held in extremely high regard by his contemporaries for his expertise in his field. “Jeremy is somebody who everybody’s heard of – he gets some of the biggest and best cases in London. He has a powerhouse reputation and he is a real character,” enthuse sources. Chambers HNW Guide 2019

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Jeremy Levison is a highly respected matrimonial practitioner who draws on leading experience in acrimonious financial disputes. One interviewee states: “He’s very experienced, and his brain is tuned in to strategic thought. When working with him, you get a depth of experience and wisdom that is rare to find in a practitioner.” Chambers UK 2019

Jeremy Levison has “so much experience that he always starts at an advantage to his opponents” Legal 500 2018/9

Jeremy Levison continues to receive high praise from market sources for his family law expertise. “He’s very experienced, his brain is tuned into strategic thinking, which is fundamental to matrimonial finance,” says a source, adding: “He’s an extremely safe pair of hands. You get a depth of experience, and with that experience comes wisdom.”Another interviewee states: “He’s highly intelligent and entertaining. He always has an interesting and impressive approach to a case. Chambers HNW Guide 2018

Jeremy is one of the “Top Recommended Family Lawyers” recognised by the Spears Family Law Index 2018.

Jeremy Levison has impressive depth of experience in family law issues, offering particular expertise in complex financial matters. He is also sought after for international cases. “He’s very sensible. He’s a fighter and a very experienced lawyer,”note interviewees. Chambers UK 2018

Jeremy Levison is “fiercely bright but also utterly charming. If a case needs a fight, he is the solicitor you would want in your corner’” Legal 500 2017

“There is nothing about family law that Jeremy Levison doesn’t know,” says a barrister, adding: “He is a charming man. His clients adore him – his client care skills are exemplary.” Levison’s popularity with and care for his clients is a much-repeated theme. One interviewee describes it as his “outstanding strength,” adding: “He empathises with their situation and their problem. He’s a very down-to-earth lawyer who always sees his client’s story and wants to promote their interests.” This source also praises his “incredible tactical judgement.” “He’s a delight to work with,” says another interviewee; “he’s been doing it for a long time and has a strong reputation. Very charming, but also imbues clients with confidence.” Chambers HNW Guide 2017

Jeremy Levison is a highly respected family law expert with significant experience in dealing with financial remedy cases. Interviewees describe him as “a real institution; he’s an absolutely excellent solicitor with fabulous instincts for the outcome of a case.” Chambers UK 2017

Jeremy is listed as a prominent figure within family and matrimonial law in the Leading Lawyers list published by Citywealth for those working in private wealth management.


Charterhouse School ; University of Kent (1973 BA Hons).


Trained Theodore Goddard, qualified 1974; founding partner Levison Meltzer Pigott 1998.


International Academy of Family Lawyers; American Bar Association (Family Section)

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