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Round Table Meetings

A Round Table Meeting is designed to help you reach an agreement, whether in relation to financial matters or arrangements for children.

At the meeting, you will both be supported by your solicitor (and often a barrister too) who guides the negotiations and facilitates discussions with the other party (and their legal team).  Importantly, you both have an equal right to participate.

Unlike a Private FDR, there is no Judge (or formal tribunal).  It is for the parties to agree the scope of their negotiations and establish opportunities for agreement.

Round Table Meetings can be helpful when both sets of solicitors are negotiating in writing but would like to increase the pace of the discussions.

Whilst you need not sit around the same table (in some cases, the parties prefer separate rooms), the act of getting together often leads to a meeting of minds and a commitment to reach a fair and reasonable outcome.

As with other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, a Round Table Meeting affords the parties the opportunity to control the outcome and can be an effective way to overcome ‘deal breakers’.