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In the family – Ben Stowe features in today’s The Times – Dinner-table chats convinced my son to mirror family firm


In a new series, published in The Times, Catherine Baksi interviews children who have followed their parents into the legal profession. In today’s feature, newly promoted LMP partner Ben Stowe and his mother Marilyn Stowe talk about their passion for family law.

Marilyn Stowe, “dubbed the “barracuda” for her reputation as one of the most formidable divorce lawyers in the UK”, developed the biggest family law practice in the country, with a chain of ten offices, which she sold in 2017 to private equity investors. Ben’s father Grahame, a solicitor and part-time tribunal judge, had a criminal and mental health practice.

“Immersed” in his parent’s careers from an early age, Ben confirms that it was “an inevitability” that he would go into law. He recalls “spending his summers on the reception desk, answering the phones, shadowing lawyers, helping in the post room, learning about accounts, then going home and talking about interesting cases with his parents over dinner.”

Ben says: “To see the success that my mum has achieved was a huge inspiration for me. I knew I couldn’t match that and I had to find my own niche.”

But last word to his mum who considers her son “quieter and more intellectual”  – “I always thought he’d make a good family lawyer, but he had to make that decision for himself.”

Subscribers to The Times can read the full article here.


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