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Emergency Injunctions

We are well versed in obtaining emergency injunctions at short notice to protect financial assets from being disposed of to third parties in this country and/or abroad.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary for urgent steps to be taken to protect you and/or members of your family from physical harm.

We will not hesitate to apply for a Non-Molestation Order to secure your personal protection and to prevent your former partner from behaving in an abusive or violent way towards you or your children.

If circumstances dictate, it may also be necessary to apply for an Occupation Order regulating the occupation of your home. In certain scenarios, and as a result of their behaviour, one party may be prohibited from continuing to occupy the property.

Some cases may involve individuals with a well-known public profile.  We are alive to the need for sensitivity and discretion.  If appropriate, we can approach the Court on your behalf and obtain the necessary injunctive orders to prevent or regulate potential media coverage of your case.