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Both parents have rights and responsibilities to their children, which are ongoing until the child reaches adulthood. We are experts at seeking to resolve childcare disputes in a constructive way, always recognising the needs of the children involved.  We also appreciate the importance of the ongoing co-parenting dynamic notwithstanding the relationship breakdown.

We advise in relation to:-

Child Arrangements Orders – An order regulating the arrangements for where and with whom a child will live and spend time.

Parental Responsibility – If you are married to each other at the time of your child’s birth, you both acquire automatically “Parental Responsibility”. This defines the rights, duties, obligations and responsibilities that you both have under the law. Unmarried mothers automatically acquire Parental Responsibility.  By contrast, unmarried fathers may, depending on their individual circumstances, need to take steps to secure Parental Responsibility for their child by way of a court order or a formal written agreement with the mother. Since December 2003, an unmarried father (providing he is registered as the father of the child on the birth certificate) will automatically acquire Parental Responsibility. 

Specific Issues – In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for orders to be made dealing with specific aspects of a child’s upbringing.  Examples include education, medical treatment, faith and religion and relocation.

Financial Provision – Where unmarried parents cannot reach agreement the Court may make financial orders to meet the financial needs of any child(ren).  These orders can provide for maintenance, the payment of lump sums, the settlement and/or transfer of property and provision for education costs.

Relocation – Given the increasingly international nature of society, it may be necessary for one of you to seek an order for permission to live abroad with your children. Such an order is essential if your former partner does not agree to the move.  We will assist you in preparing a practical, focused and balanced relocation plan to help you achieve your objectives.

Internal Relocation – Similarly, we can assist if you need to plan to relocate within the UK.  An order will be necessary if you and your former partner cannot agree.

Abduction – We are specialists at dealing with cases where children have been wrongfully retained in other countries, and/or abducted from the care of the parent with whom they live. If you are concerned that your child may be abducted, it is vital that you take legal advice as quickly as possible to put in place the appropriate safeguards.

At LMP, we recognise that all parents love and care for their children and want what is best for them. We will provide you with realistic advice tailored to your family circumstances. We recognise the problems faced by separating parents and the impact that their separation has upon their children. At the forefront of our advice, at all times, is what is in the best interests of your children.