you need someone who can handle complex financial and children issues when international jurisdictions collide

Simon Pigott explains the need for quick and decisive action, and how the team at LMP can assist in these difficult and sensitive situations. 

Mary was at a loss. Married and living in another country with her young children, she was fearful both that the divorce laws of that country would leave her with little, if any, financial security and of the possibility of the custody of the children (as she put it) being awarded to her husband.  She called me to see whether I could offer urgent help. I was able to explain why England could take jurisdiction for the divorce and financial matters while at the same time I put her in the expert hands of a specialist lawyer in the country in which she was living who could address her concerns about the children.

We moved quickly to secure the English divorce jurisdiction: the Petition was issued within 24 hours of my meeting Mary.  I could reassure her that in a post-Brexit world, the English court could consider all her financial claims.

Our experience in dealing with cases where international jurisdictions collide enables us to ensure that fairness and equality of position can be achieved. We know when and where we can help and to whom you can turn when expert overseas advice is needed.