you need a lawyer who will fight your corner all the way in court, if necessary

Jeremy Levison reflects on a previous case that highlights the need for sound legal advice and a lawyer who will, if necessary, litigate hard for you in Court.

My client, a wealthy businessman, entered into a (third) marriage with a somewhat younger lady.

Reluctant (mistakenly!) to pay lawyers’ fees for doing so, the couple went online and drew up a pro-forma pre-nup.  There were three copies of this (only) which were placed in the home safe.

A mere five years later, abandoning her husband in their New York apartment, the wife returned to England, raided the safe, destroyed the three copies of the pre-nup and denied that it had ever been entered into in the first place.

She then embarked on a vicious crusade against her husband, accusing him of domestic violence and making gold-digging claims far in excess of her entitlement under the pre-nup.

In a campaign lasting many months we were able to:

  • disprove, entirely, the concocted allegations of domestic violence;
  • establish the existence of the pre-nup;
  • authenticate its validity;
  • hold the wife to the terms she had entered into by signing up to it;
  • prove that her entire case had been a self-serving, gold-digging exercise, full of libellous untruths, as a result of which:
  • she had to pay all of my client’s legal costs.

The case required a high degree of tenacity and resilience as we countered the wife’s determination to evade the terms of pre-nup and a high level of pro-active input as we sought to demolish her dishonestly fabricated case.

It also proves the power of the pre-nup but oh, how much simpler it would have been if it had been properly drawn up by a specialist lawyer and held in safe keeping from the off.