relationships can change. If children are involved, it’s vital to prioritise and protect your family

Kate Stovold reports how the team at LMP will recognise each client’s individual aims and objectives, and tailor the specialist advice accordingly.

I enjoy meeting a new client for the first time. You quickly learn what is important to them, and their objectives, which then inform your advice throughout. Meeting with a recent client immediately revealed that the children were her priority and we agreed that it was important for the family home to be preserved. With her husband living in the US, there were other factors to consider including the inter-play between the two countries and enforceability. With the help of Counsel, a financial settlement was secured at a Private FDR.  My client was able to keep her home and secure a fair maintenance package, which gave precious, long-term security for her and her family.

What my client had to say:

“My first consultation immediately put me at ease; I knew I was in the right place.

Kate’s knowledge, experience and dedication, both then and throughout illustrated everything was under control. Her ability to recall the intricate detail of my case never ceased to amaze me. My case was complicated with one party living abroad, and this illustrated the importance of managing critical legal issues.

Kate’s support was absolutely solid. With her help, I secured both a home and a comfortable income for the family until the children complete their studies. The outcome exceeded all my expectations, returning ten times the investment in legal advice. It proves that good legal advice can be expensive, poor advice costs even more!”