rebuilding your life needs a solid foundation based on absolute trust

Alison Hayes reflects on the importance of trust in the client-lawyer relationship and how, twinned with her specialist knowledge and expertise, she works together with clients to secure a positive outcome and bright future.

Difficult issues involving your family can affect you in different ways, and at different times.  The financial consequences of a relationship breakdown are the more obvious, but the emotional consequences cannot and should not be ignored.  At LMP, we understand that the first step of contacting a lawyer can be daunting.  Our first meeting may also be the first time that you have spoken openly about any problems and your circumstances.  You need to have confidence in the lawyer that you have chosen to represent you.  The team at LMP understands that requires trust.

My relationships with my clients are evolving ones, and each relationship is different.  At their core however is a deep understanding of the need for sensitivity, empathy, confidentiality and honesty from the outset with regard to likely outcome.  That approach enables me to earn your trust and build a working relationship whereby I understand your goals and aspirations for your future, balanced by realistic advice gained through years of experience.  This is the case whether I am advising you in relation to plans to move to another country, secure much needed financial support for your children or secure a fair financial settlement on divorce.

Many of my cases are slightly unusual in nature such as knowing that a document existed in parallel French divorce proceedings, which would enable my client to succeed in her English proceedings, but being unable to disclose it because of French privacy laws. A problem to solve and I did.

Also acting, sadly, on behalf of numerous parents in disputes concerning their children where still, to this day, I am dismayed by the lengths people will go in an attempt to obtain advantage over the other parent, with very little thought (in some instances) to the child or children involved.

Trusting me as your lawyer and relying on my experience and expertise allows you to focus on other things, whether taking steps to improve a relationship with a former partner, making more time for your children or looking after your own well-being.  I hope this enables you to look to the future from a more positive perspective, being empowered and in control of your own future.  It takes time to rebuild your life after a family breakdown or crisis but I can be trusted to represent your best interests and provide to you the best possible outcome for the future, and your future happiness and security.