navigating uncertainty requires a safe and highly experienced pair of hands

Founding partners Jeremy Levison and Simon Pigott reflect on the strengths of their firm that has forged its reputation by a combination of hard work, professionalism and excellent client care.

Family is important to us all, whether you belong to a small family unit, a large extended family network or a collection of close friends that you consider family.

When your family unit breaks down or when family issues need to be resolved, it is important that you know where to turn.  Simon Pigott, founding partner of LMP says about his firm that:

“years of experience make me realise how important it is for you to know you are in safe hands. To have worries about your divorce or separation or concerns for your children, can become all-consuming. Because of our experience, we can lighten your load and by doing so enable you to see the light at the end of what can be a dark tunnel.”

The team at LMP recognises the need to deal with your problems sensitively, expediently and forcefully where necessary.  We are committed to providing you with the highest quality advice.

Contacting a lawyer can be a daunting experience.  From the outset therefore, we aim to ease any worries and to reassure you that we are equipped to advise and support you throughout the process.  As Jeremy Levison, founding partner of LMP, notes:

“Between us, Simon and I, as founding partners of LMP, have over 75 years of experience. Since the founding of the firm in 1998, we, and Alison who joined us shortly afterwards, have built up a formidable team of the very best lawyers currently practising. If you are going through the horrors of a divorce, we can, and will, help you sensitively, pragmatically and firmly into a happier life for you and your children.  If you are the paying party, we will ensure that you are not fleeced. If the receiving party, that your financial future is secure.  This is what we do, and we are accomplished and experienced in achieving a successful outcome”.

At LMP, our role as your lawyer is not limited to our advice.  Our legal expertise is enhanced by our relationships with others, including barristers, accountants, financial advisors, therapists and pension experts.  Those relationships ensure that we can call on the best people to work alongside us as we create bespoke solutions that meet your needs.

LMP has forged its long-standing reputation by its commitment to client care and excellence in client service.  Hard work, professionalism and dedication ensure that the team is a leader in the field of family law and a ‘go to’ boutique practice.