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Benjamin Stowe talks with John Piennar on The Times Radio about lockdown spike in divorce rate


Levison Meltzer Pigott’s Ben Stowe joined presenter John Piennar on his Tuesday show on The Times Radio last week to talk about the latest divorce statistics and explore whether Covid has played a role in the current apparent increase in divorce cases.
In response to John’s leading question of why a spike even before lockdown, Ben was cautious in highlighting that the current backlog in the divorce centres and the process currently taking longer, will have had some impact on statistics. However, he also conceded that he has “never been busier” and predicts a continued sharp increase in the divorce.
Reflecting further on the effect of couples being in John’s words being “locked up together”, Ben shared his opinion that one of the main consequences was that these unusual times have created a “silence” and a “vacuum” in which couples can reflect and consider the state of their marriage. For many that assessment of their relationship has led to them consulting divorce lawyers.


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