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Benjamin Stowe – on BBC 5 Live – Divorce ‘D’ Day debate


LMP’s Benjamin Stowe joined Geoff Lloyd, stepping in for Stephen Nolan, on BBC 5 Live on Saturday night, along with broadcaster and divorcee Rachel Royce and “Divorce Coach” Sarah Davison to discuss Divorce ‘D’ Day and the prospect of Family Solicitors coming in to work Monday morning to “phones in meltdown”.

There is a lot of media focus on whether there is indeed a huge rush of divorce applications following the festive period and so Ben started off the discussion with a touch of reality, confirming “Yes, it’s a busy period but, to be honest,  it is always a busy time”.  Ben continued to stress that the relationship breakdown process is complicated and so “to drill down to a divorce ‘D’ Day does not do it justice.” Whilst conceding that spending time together over Christmas can “focus the mind” for already unhappy couples, Ben added light-heartedly that an overcooked turkey being the final straw was highly unlikely.


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