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Ben Stowe talks with LBC’s Eddie Mair who asks – can you have a happy divorce?


LBC’s Friday afternoon phone-in with Eddie Mair was all about divorce.  The debate centred on the fact that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and his wife MacKenzie have agreed a record-breaking divorce settlement and have maintained that they wish to remain friends.  The question for listeners – Are they alone or can you have a happy divorce?

LMP’s Ben Stowe helped get the discussion going by confirming that an amicable divorce is indeed possible to achieve; it’s just that you don’t hear so much about the couples that approach divorce constructively, deciding amongst themselves how to split assets and provide for children, and in many cases, only look to lawyers to formalise these agreements.  You read in the media about the flipside to an amicable divorce; when there is no consensus of approach and the only resolution is to litigate.

Eddie probed for more information.  Was there any one factor that made a break-up more likely to be amicable?  Divorce specialist Ben was quick to reply that “every marriage is different” and so there were no simple guidelines.

Before handing over to callers to share their personal experiences, Ben was able to congratulate Jeff Bezos, and MacKenzie, for being a role model for an amical divorce and putting their four children first.  They will always have a relationship because of their children and so an amical divorce is so much healthier for the future of the family.

This is not the first time that Ben has explored divorce in relation to the Bezos divorce.  In January he wrote about the ‘stellar contribution’ argument and why a billionaire like Jeff Bezos could save a fortune if divorcing in England. Read the article here.


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