Double take – Jeremy Levison lends his expertise to BBC2’s “Millionaires’ Ex-Wives Club”

Jeremy Levison was one of four Family Law experts involved in a one hour film produced by Century Films, which followed two ex-wives who went into battle with their exes, spending millions of pounds and years of their lives in the process. Are these women out to fleece their men for every penny they can get, as the press often suggests? Or are they simply pursuing what they are entitled to? When your husband is a multi-millionaire, life can be something of a fairytale – there will be Ferraris and Bentleys in the driveway, a yacht in Monaco and summers in St Tropez. But when it all comes crashing down, it seems the bigger the money, the bigger the fight. The programme stepped inside the world of high-profile divorce cases where millions of pounds are at stake – and London is the battleground.